2019 VOTER Survey Full Data Set

January 2020

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The 2019 VOTER Survey (Views of the Electorate Research Survey) was conducted by the survey firm YouGov. In total, 6,779 adults (ages 18 and up) with internet access took the survey online between November 17, 2018 and January 7, 2019.

Of this group, 5,948 respondents are long-term participants (“panelists”) in the VOTER Survey, 326 are young American respondents (ages 18 to 24) introduced as an oversample in the May 2018 wave of the survey, 291 are Hispanic Americans also introduced as an oversample in that same wave, and 214 are part of an oversample of Asian Americans introduced in the January 2019 wave. This January 2019 survey is the fourth VOTER Survey.

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