Survey Data Driving the Insights

Voter Study Group analysis almost exclusively features data from two primary research tools, the VOTER Survey and the Nationscape survey. We make the data generated by these tools available for use by anyone interested in engaging the public in meaningful conversations about the American electorate.

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VOTER Survey

Launched in 2016, the VOTER Survey (Views of the Electorate Research Survey) interviews thousands of Americans repeatedly as part of an extensive longitudinal study. It supports in-depth exploration of people's beliefs about important issues and tracks individual-level changes over time.

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Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape

Between July 2019 and January 2021, the Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape survey asked hundreds of thousands of Americans about some of the biggest issues in the 2020 election. This data provides a weekly look at how views took shape across time, place, and demographic groups in the lead-up to and aftermath of the election.


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