A comprehensive view of the American electorate

Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape is one of the largest public opinion surveys ever conducted — interviewing people in nearly every county, congressional district, and mid-sized U.S. city in the leadup to the 2020 election. Nationscape is fielded by Lucid.

Conducting more than 500,000 interviews over 16 months, the survey sheds light on attitudes and issues as they take shape. Nationscape is designed to answer the questions most urgent to American democracy across multiple dimensions.

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A bold endeavor, a deeper look

Nationscape captures a nuanced picture of the American electorate. With it, researchers can explore the dynamics and intensity of preferences — in light of critical factors like partisanship, tribalism, and polarization. The aim is to understand voter choices, inform political discourse, and improve political representation across the country.

Nationscape is a featured project of Democracy Fund Voter Study Group in partnership with UCLA political scientists Lynn Vavreck and Chris Tausanovitch. It is fielded by Lucid, a leading market research platform.

From Nationscape

Our authors are using Nationscape to answer the questions most urgent to American democracy.

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