The Democracy Fund Voter Study Group is a research collaboration comprised of nearly two dozen analysts and scholars from across the political spectrum offering new data and analysis exploring American voters' beliefs and behaviors. 

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Party Hoppers: Understanding Voters Who Switched Partisan Affiliation

In a new report, Robert Griffin explores the significant uptick in individuals identifying with a new or different party, and examines what the deviations mean for our political future.

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Placing Priority: How Issues Mattered More than Demographics in the 2016 Election

In this new report, David Winston examines voters through the lens of issue priorities to uncover insights into their decision-making that go beyond race, region, or religion.

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The analysis comprised in these publications is the first in a series tracking the values, opinions, and attitudes of voters leading up to the 2016 election and into the beginning of the Trump administration. 


The institutional affiliations listed above are for identification purposes only.

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