How Generational Change May Influence Election Results

October 21, 2020

Democratic Norms, Elections

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How Generational Change May Influence Election Results

The generational mix of the American electorate is changing, and that shapes our politics and election results. A new study explores the effects of generational change on Electoral College margins for every presidential contest through 2036 — including Election 2020.

The report, America’s Electoral Future: The Generation Landscape, is the latest release from States of Change: Demographics and Democracy, a collaborative project of the Center for American Progress, the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Brookings Institute, with support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Democracy Fund Voter Study Group. The report is co-authored by demographers William H. Frey and Ruy Teixeira, as well as Democracy Fund Voter Study Group Research Director Robert Griffin.

Read the report and view this dialogue on findings among report authors and panelists.

America's Electoral Future in 2020 and Beyond: The Coming Generational Transformation

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