Republican Doubt About Election 2020 Is Uncommonly High

June 30, 2021

Democratic Norms, Elections, Political Parties

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Republican Doubt About Election 2020 Is Uncommonly High

Last week, Michigan Republicans published a report finding no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election — echoing the consistent dismissal of legal challenges to election results by Trump-appointed judges across the country. Yet a significant number of Republican-leaning voters express serious doubts that the election was conducted fairly and accurately, long after Joe Biden was declared the winner.

On June 24, Voter Study Group Research Director Robert Griffin joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to shed light on this topic, which is explored in-depth in Crisis of Confidence, a new Voter Study Group report by Robert Griffin and Mayesha Quasem.

The same day, in an episode of All In, MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes pointed to data from another recent Voter Study Group report to describe how the GOP is radicalizing against democracy while moderating on policy. In the report, Theft Perception, author Lee Drutman examines Republican views that correlate strongly with support for Trump and his “Stop the Steal” narrative.


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